Information presented on Symfonie websites does not constitute public offer or solicitation of investment services. Investors are accepted by private application only. Investors are urged to carefully consider their own personal financial situation and to understand the risks associated prior to making any investment. We welcome your questions.

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Investments have risks and rewards.
Our job is to understand both.

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Who we are?
Our companies bring together multinational teams of seasoned finance specialists and business managers.
We create innovative financial products. We help our client build and manage their wealth.
We offer corporate advisory grounded with solid principles derived from years of experience.
We partner with entrepreneurs and investors to build new businesses.
Invest with us into P2P loans or start-ups. Choose standardized products or tailored investmentmanagement solutions.
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Visit our companies and find out what we can do for you
P2P lending and investing in Czech Republic and Poland
Financing credit worthy small and medium sized businesses
Self-directed and automated investment selection
Professionally managed Angel and P2P investments
Focused opportunities and diversified portfolios
Brining entrepreneurs and investors together
Tailored investment management solutions
Corporate advice and transaction management
Capital raising
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